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How is fading and are there contraindications?

Waxing has become an unavoidable gesture, not only for women but also for men. If it is an aesthetic act in many cases, it is also a concern for hygiene and good health for many individuals.

For those who have excessive hair growth, it will sometimes even have to go through a radical epilation.

Depilatory cream, best epilator, hot or cold wax, shaving: there is no shortage of products and there is something for every taste and every budget. It is also possible to use the discolouration of the hairs which makes it possible to do without epilation on certain areas of the face, which is very useful when one has sensitive skin.

What is hair discolouration?


The decolorizing product will effect a chemical action on the hair shaft. At the end of a session, the hair or the fluff becomes clear.

It sometimes takes a second or even a third session to obtain the desired shade. The lightening of the hair is such that one hardly sees the hair.

Hair discolouration mainly works on fine hairs and down. It is an ideal technique for small areas: chin, eyebrows, upper lip.

Product used

There are 2 types of bleaching products on the market:

Hydrogen peroxide (this is also hydrogen peroxide) used in this case in the formula 20 to 30 volumes;

The decolorizing cream which is often composed of a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia.

Attention: this is not the same product as the hairdressers use for hair discoloration. A coloring cream purchased commercially should specify that it concerns the discoloration of hair and down.

The hair discoloration, how does it work?

For who ?

To practice the discoloration of the hair, one must have a fairly clear skin. Discoloration on the hair or down of a dull person or even a person with black skin is therefore discouraged.

Similarly, if you have tanned skin after the holidays, it is better to abstain. The contrast would be too visible and blond hair on a dull skin would see much more!

It should also be known that the bleaching product, if it discolours the hair, can also lighten the skin, hence the importance of not being tanned.

People with sensitive and often allergic skin will not be able to use discolouration.

When in doubt, and as for coloring shampoos, it is necessary to carry out a test button 24 hours before. Indeed, the chemical constituents of the bleaching cream can cause, in some people, redness or allergies.

How to use it?

Hair discoloration is often used on the face. It is ideal on the down of the chin or the upper lip. In some cases, it can even be used on small hair around the navel, when one does not wish to go through a waxing.

The application process must then be respected:

Apply the product on clean skin and free of impurities.

Allow to act between 20 and 25 min.

Rinse thoroughly with fresh water.

Thoroughly moisturize your skin after discoloration as after waxing.

In general, the pause times for discoloration or for the bleaching cream are the same and the principles of use are identical. However, we can not undertake to always check the time prescribed in the product leaflet, which may vary from one brand to another.

Hair bleaching: an easy and very economical method

Discoloration of hair is an easy act to do alone at home and cheap.

Indeed, it will be necessary to count:

Between 6 and 9 € for the purchase of a decolorizing cream of about 100 ml;

Between 3 and 5 € for the purchase of a bottle of hydrogen peroxide at 20 volumes.

In addition, these products are easily found:

·         In pharmacies & parapharmacies;

·         In large areas;


·         On online stores.



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